• This contest is for Indian residents only.
  • You are given a budget of 1,200 points to build your team.
  • Each team needs to have 11 players.
  • Each player has a price, and the total value of players in your team should not exceed the budget of 1,200 points.
  • You need to select:
    4-5 Batsman2-4 Bowlers2-4 All Rounders1 Wicket Keeper
  • You will be given 30 substitutions that you can use during the entire tournament including the knockout matches
  • The initial team you make does not reduce any substitutions. Any changes made after saving your first valid team will lead to reduction in number of substitutions left.
  • All substitutions need to be made 1 minute before the start of the day’s match.
  • You cannot change your team midway through the match. Any changes made to your team during a match will only reflect after the match is over.
  • Every team of 11 needs to have a Captain.
  • Captains get double the points in a match (positive or negative, whatever the case is).
  • You can change your captain before every match, as long as the player is in your team. Change of captain does not make you lose a substitution.
  • There are daily prizes awarded to the 3 best performing teams of the day, and overall prizes, awarded to the 3 best performing teams throughout the tournament.
  • In case of ties, following tie-breakers will be used, in this particular order:
    • Lowest budget used
    • Lowest number of substitutions used
    • Team created earlier (in terms of time when the team was saved)
    • If there is still a tie, a random picker will be used to declare the winner